End to Allergies!

I’m from a family that experiences severe morning allergies. Our neighbors hear an explosion of sneezes and coughs as the members of my family, one by one, wake up every day. Some may think it’s funny because of the many variations in sneezing and coughing styles, but I’m telling you it isn’t.

My allergy manifests in the most annoying manner — it serves as my wake-up call. I always get this long coughing fit at dawn, when cars start filling the streets. The pollution manages to make its way into my room through the AC and that triggers the bothersome coughing. The first coughing fit jerks me out of slumber and it’s usually the longest out of, say, the 10 to 15 coughing fits I get in the morning. It’s the rudest and most inconvenient way to welcome a new day, but that’s my life.

Anyway, my throat regularly feels raw because of my morning coughs. I hate it. It’s sore and it’s scratchy, and when anything tickles my throat, say my reply of “good morning” to my parents, another long coughing fit transpires. How is a person going to sing with a clear voice in the morning like a Disney character with such a condition? Man!

That’s not the end of what my morning coughs do to my body, though; all that coughing puts pressure on my bladder as well. I don’t mind the frequent trips to the loo for a tinkle, but sometimes, when the coughing’s too intense, I don’t even make it. It’s embarrassing.

My morning suffering actually just starts with the coughs, and when the “barking” eases up a bit, the drip commences; my nose turns into a leaky faucet. I go through half a large box of tissues blowing out clear mucus so none would drip down my throat, which is dangerous according my doctor. This runs for about three hours and it turns me into a crying (because my eyes water, too) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…not cute.

On really bad days (usually around the time when I’m supposed to get my period), I get severe headaches, too. I just stay in bed — useless — when the allergy gives me the triple whammy and bears semblance to flu.

I’m le miserable because of my allergies but I know very well that others have them worse. Some experience swelling, difficulty breathing, hives, et cetera, and their lives are seriously put in danger whenever they experience an allergy attack.

The way allergies punish the body diminishes quality of life; people with allergies shouldn’t just live with that because there are various solutions to prevent them from overtaking life. Antihistamines are popular solutions; they work fast, too. However, there usually are some side effects. There are also those natural allergy treatments that are more focused on boosting the immune system.

Anyway, I’m taking my life back from this stupid allergy; I’m grabbing this allergy by the horns and I’m going to perform this spectacular hammer throw so my days will finally cease to start the rude way they usually do.

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