Fun Weekend Date Ideas

“Weekdays are for workers and weekends are for lovers.” Saw this on Instagram a while back and it’s pretty accurate. You work hard for five days, so weekends should really be spent with the people who matter to you the most.

Quality time with loved ones over the weekends is ideal, but oftentimes, that time with them just turns out to be a complete dud. You’re just physically together most of the time, and sometimes out of boredom, you get on each other’s nerves.

To prevent crummy weekends with the person or people you love, planning activities will definitely help. These activities don’t need to take the whole weekend; in fact, you can just dedicate a few hours for them to create a fun memorable time. The web is a fertile source of ideas for fun weekend dates, and to get your started, I’ve rounded up the seven I’ve found below and you can try them to create quality time with the people you truly care about.

1. Watch a dance choreography on YouTube and attempt to imitate. Super ideal morning activity, especially if you and your girlfriends, or even your beau, are into working out. This is a wacky way to break a sweat and it’s something new to try.

2. Tour your city via car or motorbike. Go online and find scenic spots in your area that you haven’t seen before. Be sure to get your choice of vehicle ready (have your car tuned up, install an oil cooler for your big bike, check the tires, et cetera) for the trip because nothing will ruin your plans more than your vehicle conking out on you.

3. Go stargazing. Even little kids love this activity especially if there’s camp food prepared. This can be done in your own backyard or you can drive somewhere that has a completely unobstructed view of the night sky. Do check the weather first, though.

4. Hold a game night. Pictionary, Jenga, Monopoly, and a bunch of classic board games, plus different munchies, will have everybody looking forward to the weekend.

5. Scavenger Hunt. Send your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse on a wild goose chase throughout your neighborhood with creative clues. What’s the prize? You and a picnic ready.

6. Hold a dinner party. Cook together with your loved ones for a get-together with friends. It’s going to be a social evening with abundant eats and drinks.

7. Check out yard sales in your area. Yard sales can be a lot of fun and you just may end up purchasing something really unique for a completely affordable price.

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