Going Out As a Family Is Always a Full Body Workout

I enjoy spending time with my family, but going out as a complete family is always a big production for us. There are the delegation of work (like who’s in charge of a particular kid), the distribution of equipment (baby carriers, strollers, baby bags, et cetera), schedules to follow, and the assignment of meeting places at particular times. Our family is relatively small; it’s just my aging parents, my short sister, her oft-sleepy husband, my tall and acrophobic niece, my daredevil 4-year-old nephew, the giant infant, and me. However, there’s always a lot of action when all of us go out together because we have little ones.

For starters, we’re always chasing after the 4-year-old because he always runs away from everybody. He’s a very handsome kid, too, and that’s a problem because people are always drawn to him — big kidnap risk. We used to easily carry him around in a baby hip carrier, but he’s gotten so big and heavy. One time, my turn to do so extended beyond the usual 15 minutes (his parents lost track of time shopping), and I spent three days nursing an aching lower back, weakened knees, and sore feet.

I remember that day was Halloween, and the kid was tired from walking around; all he wanted was to be carried so he can sleep. Gosh, he was so much heavier when he conked out. I must have looked like Christian in “The Pilgrim’s Progress” because I kind of felt like him as we walked around the mall, looking for his parents who wouldn’t answer their phones!

My parents, meanwhile, had to deal with my ultra-cranky niece. They had to find a quiet restaurant, snack 1.5 hours after lunch just to comfortably cuddle Little Miss Cranky who was dressed as Twilight Sparkle. When I located them, my mom was complaining that her arms were so tired from holding my niece properly who, by the way, was whiny about how cold it was in the restaurant. Her long limbs were exposed because of her costume.

When my sister and her husband met up with us, my sister reported that the baby was cranky and always wanted to be breastfed. My dad took the chubber from her and walked around to entertain the last one of our line.

My brother-in-law took his son off my back.

“You carried him all this time?” remarked Brother-in-Law, who “oomphed” loudly as he shifted the carrier with his son in it on his back.

I nodded, “I feel like I had just undergone a session of Crossfit.”

We all came home that day completely worn out. My mom said, “I’ll probably lose weight if we all go to the mall more often.”

“And eventually get an injury,” added my dad before asking to be massaged.

Going out together may be quite a workout. Sadly, though, none of us lose weight when we do. We just always go home feeling tired, sore, and nothing more.