I Wish Hairstylists Were More Honest

After years and years of having long hair, I’d decided to finally get a cut. A really short one, but not pixie because I’m anything but pixie-ish; it seemed like such a good idea and I told myself it was time for a change. So one Friday, I finished work really early, took a bath and went to the hair salon right across my street.

I showed the picture of the cut I wanted and the moment the hair stylist squinted his eyes, I automatically felt unsure about my decision. I asked, “Won’t this style suit me?” He excitedly said, “No, it would look good on you! We can do that!” His overexcitement was suspicious, it threw me off and I wanted to just get a trim or bangs but I didn’t want to appear wishy-washy.

As I was getting the cut, the stylist kept on presenting other short styles that could work on me and I knew then that he wouldn’t be able to copy the cut I had showed him because it seemed like for every snip, he pointed out a specific difference between me and the girl in the picture sporting the short hairstyle I wanted. Why would he do that if he believed that the style I showed him would look good on me and he can make it happen? He should have studied me more carefully before he began chopping off my mane!

Well, no matter how he styled my hair when he was done cutting it, it just didn’t look and feel right — it didn’t look anything like the style I came to the salon to get. I wanted to cry so bad but felt too old to do that. When I came home, all I could think about was how I could get hair extensions. I went online and searched for a place that can do a decent job of restoring my long hairstyle but there wasn’t one near my place. After that, I considered buying myself a wig until I thought it ridiculous to do so.

My brother-in-law was the first in my family to see my new cut and he was surprised all right. I said, “Why did I do this to myself?” Oh, he was such a guy — he just said, “It’ll grow out, don’t worry.” I knew that, but I also knew that my hair would never grow fast enough. My sister saw me soon after and she laughed and pointed out that my cut looked nothing like the picture I showed her earlier (I had turned to my sister to give me the assurance that I could pull off super-short hair).

So now, I look like a boy…seriously. A member of our church said that I look so much like my dad. I think on a good day my dad kind of looks like Denzel Washington (other people have said so too)…but I’m a girl. That’s the issue, I’m a girl. The model of the cut I wanted looked like a girl despite the short hairstyle but I most certainly didn’t look like that when I came home from the salon and I still don’t look like that now.

Obviously, it didn’t work. I just wish I had gone to a hairstylist that was really good (I heard La Tease hairstylists are awesome and Friday is the best day to get a ‘do at the salon because they provide complimentary beer and wine!) — and honest. I think a good hairstylist would know right off the bat what would look good on clients and what would be a big mistake, and will be completely honest about it.

Next time I decide I can work a drastically short ‘do and head to any salon, I’ll be quoting Billy Joel’s song to the stylist… “Honesty is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you…” Hopefully, they’ll be complete professionals and give me that, at least, if they can’t give me the style I want.

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