If I Could Rewrite My Job Hunting History…

…I would wear better clothing, present a bad-ass resumè and have a better attitude. Although I had never really been turned down for a job, I just think that starting things right could have created in me a different overall attitude toward being employed — perhaps I would have taken my jobs more seriously and lasted longer than several months. But I was still a kid then, fresh out of the angst-y nineties, still loved grunge, and I wanted to fight the reality that I needed to get into the corporate world. I wanted the ideal job — you know, the one that you love so much that it never feels like work? I wasn’t even sure what job that was really. All I knew then was it wasn’t the job I was applying for.

I was so clueless that time that when I accidentally found a copy of my first ever resumè not long ago and I skimmed through the thing, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. There were bits of information that definitely didn’t need to be there and overall, it had the look and feel of a page off of a teenage slam book. I truly have no idea how I managed to land my first job presenting such a low quality resumè — I suppose I really was one lucky gal.

For the other jobs that I applied for, I did exert a bit more effort — I even got a haircut for one and some help with my “newer” resumè — too bad, I still had the old attitude. I didn’t want to look like I badly needed the job. I don’t really know why I had that mentality since I didn’t even come from a place of great privilege and I truly needed to be employed; time was ticking, I wasn’t getting any younger, and there was absolutely nada in my bank account (I actually had to close it).

Well, I got those jobs, too, and lasted longer for most of them, but it was so easy for me to find reasons not to stay because I didn’t work as hard as others to get there, and my bosses didn’t hold on to me — two did, actually, but the rest just let me go — because my overall countenance was just unhappy.

It’s all about attitude, really. And if I only had the mentality of serious job-hunters, I could’ve lasted longer and benefited optimally from the experience. Thankfully, my story isn’t finished yet and while I like to think that I will not be applying for a new job ever again, I can do what I could have done the first time if ever I would need to seek employment in the future.

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