Implementing the “No Garage, No Car” Policy

My cousin reported that our city will be strictly implementing this “no garage, no car” ordinance soon.


The streets in our neighborhood are congested with parked cars because a lot of new houses don’t have their own garage. It’s so hard to drive at night for aside from the fact that it’s dark, the size of the path a car can pass through gets reduced to this really narrow lane.

I’m all for the said ordinance, but that’s just me because we have a two-car garage, which really just “houses” one vehicle. My brother-in-law or BIL probably will be worried about the ordinance, though. As someone who’s into restoring old vehicles, he at times buys super cheap used vehicles and parks them in front of his and my sister’s house. Three months ago, he purchased this used Mercedes Benz on sale and he parked in front of his house.

Anyway, the traffic and management office of the city saw it and reprimanded BIL for parking his clunker on the sidewalk. He had to move it to a paid parking space after getting the warning, and last week, he already took it to the mechanic so restoration could begin. Also, from what I can remember, my sister said she and BIL are considering moving elsewhere because they really need space to park their vehicles.

At least BIL had already come up with solutions for parking so his cars won’t be in the way of traffic; other people here clearly have not. My cousin Jamie, who’s a city hall worker, actually has to make rounds every now and then to help clear the streets of parked cars. One time, she spoke with a car owner and asked him to park his car elsewhere. The car owner impudently reasoned that he had nowhere to park his car.

“Your car will be towed, then; just because you can’t find proper parking for your car doesn’t mean the law will bend for you,” she sassed the man who looked even older than her father. “Sidewalks are for walking pedestrians and the streets are for moving vehicles. You should have a garage for parking.”

The man raised his voice at my cousin, “Where the heck do you want me to park the car? Have you seen our compound?”

I almost called him an “imbecile” but Jamie retorted coolly, “That’s not my problem — I’m just telling you that you have a problem because you’re against the law.”

She managed to get her friend from the engineering and traffic management office to make rounds in our neighborhood and our streets got cleared instantly — for one night. The following day, we had cars parked on the streets again.

So, I really am for the strict implementation of the “no garage, no car” policy. Traffic here is so bad because people are so inconsiderate of each other. People should learn that if they have a car, they should have a place to park it and not use the sidewalks and streets, which are for everybody’s convenience, and not just theirs.