Inspired Lawns

There are so many creative approaches you can take with grass. This is what I discovered when I visited an events venue a few weeks ago. Instead of the usual carpet-looking turf, the venue’s owner/groundskeeper decided that he could make grass look more fun and whimsical.

“My granddaughter has Beatrix Potter books and I just took inspiration from those to make the yard more interesting,” he happily shared when we asked him about his special “brand” of lawn care. “Also, I check out Pinterest and I keep a lot of those Country Living magazines and those always provide ideas to make outdoor spaces more beautiful.”

The moment he mentioned “Country Living,” the country girl-wannabe that I am automatically came to life. We discussed the turf tricks that we’ve read about and he showed me the areas of the venue where he applied those tricks.

Behind the small wedding chapel, there was this charming path that he created easily by letting grass grow really tall.

“I just let my grandson drive the lawnmower over that section to create a path and I cleaned up the sides — nothing to it,” he happily shared. “I just kind of wish our grass here had more variety so this area would have a more fairytale-like appearance. I would like some dandelions but those don’t really grow in this area.”

“Dandelions are weeds, right?” I pointed out.

“Really? They’re pretty, though,” he said before telling me that he wasn’t a lawn expert, just someone who enjoys doing all sorts of things to his property.

“You’re doing a good job — your property is really charming,” Ali, my best friend, told him.

The owner proudly showed us the outdoor badminton court that he created near the rest house. To make the actual court more distinct, he planted a different kind of grass for it. I forgot what kind it was but it’s slightly lighter in color than the grass everywhere else, plus the blades are thinner.

“The court used to be a swimming pool, but a pool’s much harder and more expensive to maintain, so we had it removed. The badminton court’s more functional — it can also be used for volleyball, bowling and other lawn games,” the owner informed us. “Somebody used that spot for a proposal, too.”

He continued to share his other plans to make the property even more visually attractive and we enjoyed listening to all of those.

“So get married here, OK?” the owner told Ali and I. “I’ll make sure the place is much prettier for your weddings, promise.”

“We don’t doubt that, this place is already picturesque as it is,” I said while internally wishing I really could have my wedding there.

Too bad I’m a certified spinster and I don’t even foresee late marriage in my future, so I started pressuring Ali to get married and have a wedding there.

“I don’t want to get married. How about if I just have a wedding themed birthday party this year and have it there?” she presented.

I sighed.

I’m pretty sure we’re never going back to that charming venue again.

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