Investments to Make in Preparation for the “Worst”

The movie “San Andreas” is frequently shown on HBO, and since it’s a genre I enjoy (plus, it has Dwayne Johnson, whom I like), I watch it every time I can. There’s one thing I figured about being prepared for natural disasters and the worst life conditions: I need to be married to a 6’4” boulder of a man who knows emergency procedures, how to fly a plane, skydive, drive a speedboat, can swim underwater for a long time, and can punch the daylights out of any thug.

So, where the heck can I find one who’ll marry me?

The chance of marrying someone like that is slim so I’ll just have to work with other solutions. Crumbs.

According to my friend who works at JP Morgan, preparing for the future is all about making the right investments now. She said money will eventually lose its value so she advises purchasing gold and collecting it because gold sustains its value and can be used as payment for various transactions.

“Buy gold jewellery,” my friend said. “Don’t bother with designer watches, though — they’re not really worth that much.”

Meanwhile, another friend of mine who attended the country’s premier military academy said heavy duty vehicles are worth buying if you wish to be prepared for the worst “world” conditions; these include water vehicles because sea travel may prove to be safer later on especially when natural disasters strike.

“Amphibians are the best, I think, because you can use them on both land and water,” he pointed out. “There are armoured security vehicles these days that can even manage underwater transport if it’s important to stay out of sight. They’re a different kind of amphibian because earlier models were like ducks that stayed afloat.”

He also said small planes should be considered as well because they’re the best to use in earthquakes, which, by the way, the world is experiencing a lot of recently.

Man, I need to become super rich as soon as possible. Heavy duty vehicles that are like “Transformers” definitely aren’t cheap. Plus, I’m going to need to invest in proper education so I’ll be able to operate the vehicles — this is going to cost me as well; without a Dwayne Johnson type of man for a husband, I would simply have to turn myself into a Dwayne Johnson type of woman.

It would be great if I no one had to invest in these things but current world conditions are frightening. Preparing for the worst through appropriate investments, I believe, is the best strategy in order to outsmart the terrifying world ahead of us.

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