Just Loving The Idea Of Pets

“Maybe we should get a dog,” my mom said one time. “It would be nice to have a cute little puppy in the house.”

My dad overheard from the living room, “You don’t know how to take care of a dog. You and your daughters don’t. I always end up having to take care of it.”

Mom made a face and muttered, “Killjoy.”

That’s true — as much as we love the idea of having pets, the women in our family don’t really have that sense of commitment required for pet ownership, and I think out of all of us, I’m the worst. There’s no way in hell and earth that I’ll pick up dookie with a plastic bag. I also don’t like dealing with pee and food bowls.

It’s not like I hate animals or anything; it’s just that it’s such a big responsibility and I’m simply not the person fit for that. If having a pet is just all fun and games, I would be all over that, but “parenting” one is just going to be a huge challenge for the kind of person that I am.

I do envy those that are completely devoted to their pets. My friend Allison, for example, is such a wonderful “human” to her 8 dogs and 5 cats. She cleans the kennels everyday, gives all the dogs a bath every week, and she spends more money on high quality pet food than on what her family eats in a week. She even “cooks” the pet food sometimes so they’re yummier and more nutritious. I kid you not, when she cooks pet food, it smells just as good as human food. I think she may have taken a cue from Will Truman (Will and Grace) who cooks pet food gourmet style.

But, my father’s right — it takes a certain kind of person to be a pet owner. If you can’t be fully devoted to a pet, don’t get one because you’re just going to make an innocent animal suffer. You’re a kinder person not getting a pet if you can’t properly take care of one. This is why even if there are days when I feel like getting me a miniature pig or a Yorkie, I just opt to go on Pinterest and look at pictures — I do believe I’m a kinder human being not subjecting any animal to my impatience and tendency to explode whenever something goes wrong. So, I’m just going to continue loving the idea of pets, but I’m never getting one.

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