Leave the Messy Roots Issue to God

For 2016, our church will be exerting serious effort to beautify our grounds. The older women in our congregation are making it their mission to turn the place into a lovely location where members can feel a sense of delight and peace; after all, it is the place where we truly worship God.

I have mad respect for the golden girls of our church — most of them are over 50 years old and they’re less than 20 in number, but they accomplish so much of the church’s work, and now they’re adding church grounds beautification to their long list of things to do. It’s just amazing. I help them out as much as I can, but I learned that despite the time and effort I’ve put in, I still accomplish so little compared to these women because I’m so pernickety about a lot of things; I have awful trypophobia, an overactive gag reflex, and a bunch of allergies that render me useless when triggered. I am embarrassed.

Anyway, in our recent effort to improve the church’s garden (which doubles as a parking space) to make way for the creation of better restrooms, we discovered that certain areas remain barren because of the messed up horizontal growth of roots underneath. The roots from the mondo mango tree there have spread so wide that they’ve cracked the reticulation installation — that means water doesn’t reach certain spots because the distribution ends around the mango tree. No wonder, we get hundreds of mangoes every year from it because it soaks up plenty of water! We’re not complaining about the amount of mangoes because all the members love to eat them in the summer, but grass and flower bushes around the area have dried up because of the damaged reticulation system.

Aside from the damaged reticulation system, the roots have also damaged the concrete laid near the children’s Sunday School classrooms. The concrete has cracked some and the floor of the classroom is no longer levelled. Because of that, the usable space for the children became smaller.

We can’t kill the mango tree, though; you don’t kill a fruitful tree. So we’re just moving everything else — the restrooms, the reticulation system, and the kids’ place. It’s quite a challenge, especially for the gardening committee, but we’re all just relying on the Lord to help in making things beautiful in His time. Just like what one of our female elders said, “God can fix messed up lives, He can fix messed up roots if He wants to.”

Amen to that.