Not a Fan of LOTR but I Would Love to Live in New Zealand

There are only a few places that I would love to move to — Carmel by the Sea (US), Hokkaido or Kyoto (actually, I would be fine with any location in Japan), and Queenstown (New Zealand). I don’t know if I’ll ever migrate to a different country, though, but these three are really the only places I would consider moving to.

Whenever I tell people that I love New Zealand, they immediately think that it’s because I’m an LOTR fan, which I am not (never read the books or watched the movies). It’s so easy for many to equate the country with one of the biggest blockbuster hits ever, and I suppose a lot of people really want to move to the country because of how much they love movie, but my fascination with the country originated from my uncle’s trips there.

My mom’s brother was an outdoors guys and he was a camp director for many years. His trainings for his job took him to Australia and New Zealand so he was very familiar with the “lands down under.” Between Oz and New Zealand, though, he greatly preferred the latter because it’s smaller, and according to him, New Zealand was simply a more magical place. There are locations all over the country that are just breathtakingly beautiful and my uncle had pictures to prove this claim.

Aside from my uncle’s account, I’d watched travel shows that featured the country and I distinctly remember saying, “I want to live there” every time I watched one. I remain in awe of the fact that 1/3 of the country is a protected national park — how cool is that? Also, when I found out that Auckland was one of the cheapest cities to live in the world, I was just like, “That’s where I need to be.” Oh, I also appreciate the scientific fact that there are no land snakes native or introduced to the country — I hate snakes. But I suppose this doesn’t matter too much, considering how New Zealand is home to the giant weta, which isn’t too dangerous to humans, really. It’s just that it looks like a hybrid of a lobster, cockroach and grasshopper — freaky.

I love places that are naturally beautiful and New Zealand is definitely abundant in terms of that. There are still so many other reasons to move to New Zealand for, so if life, one day, provides me an opportunity to relocate there with my family, I will not think twice. I’ll just sell everything here and ship my family there.

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