Owning A Car Is Bleeding Me Dry

I got me a car the previous month and it’s presenting me a lot of responsibilities that are overwhelming me; I’m only too thankful my brother-in-law (BIL) helps me with them. Since it’s a used car, there are so many things that need to be repaired and upgraded so it will run smoothly for a long time.

Honestly, I wasn’t counting on maintenance to be as expensive and frequent as it is. Like, during the first week, I had to change the oil and my BIL insisted that I have the car tuned up as well. Since he owned a similar car last year, he took care of this requirement by taking my car to “his guy.” That cost me a significant amount of money so I had to ditch my vacation plans (yet again).

The car is running smoother now, thanks to that, but I noticed a new issue: the doors are a little loose and the power window for the passenger’s seat doesn’t work all the time. BIL said he’ll have it fixed too, and already provided me an estimate of how much the work will be. I reckon I will have to avoid visiting my favorite Chinese restaurant for a while to cover the cost (I hope my mom will try to sabotage my diet and buy me soup dumplings because I’m already miserable at the notion of not having those for a while).

Also, my cousin who usually drives the car for me has been complaining about the car’s lack of power in upward terrain. I noticed that as well and while the vehicle is able to overcome even with the passengers weighing it down, it does seem to behave like my mother when climbing the stairs. That’s going to require another trip to the mechanic; I don’t know how much that will cost but I’m certain I would have to scrimp on “happiness” some more.

There are still so many other issues to take care of that I kind of wish I was like those people who fix cars for a hobby and have a friendly beneficial relationship with roller bearings suppliers, junk shop owners, and hardware store guys. But I’m not, sadly, and will never be; I have to pay professional mechanics to maintain my car for me.

There’s a newer issue I have to address. My cousin told me the other day that I should change my car horn because it sounds like Bob Dylan.

“I like Bob Dylan,” I told her.

“But the helper only opens the gate for Celine Dion,” she pointed out. “The surplus shop sells car horns for cheap, we already checked. Let’s change the car horn this weekend.”

Owning a car is truly a big responsibility — be it old or brand spanking new. Because of my car, my wallet now just has receipts and no money.

I need to become wealthy.

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