Party Ideas That Will Allow You to Lose Weight As You Celebrate

Do you sometimes find yourself saying or thinking stuff like, “If only reading burned as many calories as running,” or “Man, I hate it when I think I’m buying organic vegetables and when I get home, I discover they’re just donuts…” — like, is this your life? Personally, my frequent thoughts are, “Why can’t I eat delicious food and lose weight at the same time?”

This world is so opposite of what would make life just easy-peasy. But the good thing is that every now and then, it gives you a break. For example, parties don’t have to be binge-fests all the time anymore (like those we all just recently had because of the holidays). Trampoline parties, which are super-popular among teens and young adults these days, will really allow you to break a sweat. Even if you feast on cake and other party junk, all the jumping you’ll do will easily burn the calories from those.

Some folks actually go for these trampoline parties to aid their weight-loss objectives. I’ve seen some women in their thirties holding trampoline parties instead of heading to the gym. They make their shindig super-fun; they play volleyball, basketball, or tag. Not only those, they get creative, too — a lot of them wear costumes. Who says you only get to deck out in ’70s or ’80s clothing for skating parties?

Oh, skating parties are pretty awesome too — it’s a lot of work coordinating your body as you skate to music. Skating parties are perfect for young people (especially those who are already allowed to date); they can socialize and have loads of fun just going round and round the rink as the music plays.

I know of party planning companies that also organize bike-a-thon parties for older groups. There’s a feast at the final destination, of course, but the feast is really just to replenish the participants. They make it even more fun by having the bike-a-thon at night and having everybody wear glow in the dark clothing.

Scavenger parties are also physically exhausting but loads of fun. For example, actress Sela Ward hosts these with her husband at their southern property. The party has everybody running, biking and driving around looking for clues. The whole event is very physical and you can lose weight just constantly being on the move.

See, attending a party no longer means you have to sacrifice your diet. With these creative party ideas, you don’t have to gain weight eating delicious food; on the contrary, you can actually lose weight as you have fun celebrating an important occasion.

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