People Were Sinking at the City Festival

One of the big annual festivals held in our city takes place at the riverbank around Christmastime. Locals and people from neighboring cities flock here for the musical performances every weekend, the bargain shopping, the cheap eats, and the rides.

When my cousins were younger, we used to take them to the festival every chance we got. It was just a lot of fun to walk around and bump into neighbors, schoolmates, friends and relatives; sometimes, all of us that unexpectedly see each other at the festival end up going around the festival together.

One of the really nice things about the festival is that you can safely (it wouldn’t be too safe if there weren’t too many people) explore the different trails on both sides of the river (you’re going to have to cross the bridge or ride the river taxi, though). But you have to approach these trails with caution especially if it’s been raining; some tend to have mushy ground for days and most get fooled by the seemingly dry surface, ending up sinking in the mushy ground the moment they step on it.

I remember my cousin Jamie and I tried the trail on the other side of the river and a group of teenagers in front of us sank into the muddy path. One of the guys screamed, “Oh no, it’s quicksand!” and alarmed us all.

It wasn’t quicksand — we don’t have that here — it was just grass-concealed soft ground.

I don’t know why the group (and many others) opted to walk that path when there was another one that was lined with bog mats right beside it. Weren’t the bog mats enough indication that that path was the right one to take? Jamie and I took that path, so, our shoes were free from mud during our entire trek.

Anyway, the group of teenagers victimized by the mushy ground was not deterred by their unfortunate experience; the festival was too fun to be dampened by shoes and socks caked with mud and grass. We bumped into them by the Ferris Wheel about a kilometre up the trail; some had purchased new flipflops and were just carrying their muddy shoes — that’s the beauty of our city’s festival, there are always booths selling footwear along the trails.

For this year, though, we were already informed that the festival would be held at a different venue because of La Nina. It’s goodbye to the riverbank for now because rains may cause the river to overflow and the festival budget is not enough for bog mats to cover all the muddy paths. Oh well, it’s going to be a little weird, but there’ll be no cases of sinking people at the festival this year for sure.