Reunited And Making Sure It Will Feel So Good

My aunts, uncles and cousins will be coming home this December and it’s the first time in 16 years that our family will be reunited here at home. Preparations are underway even if December is still several months away. My cousins here and I are already looking into travel packages that we can purchase because our cousins from the US and Canada really want to go exploring.

The “single” cousins will be staying at our house while the aunts and uncles will be staying at a nearby accommodation along with our cousins who are married and with children. We don’t really know how all of us will fit here at home (and stay sane) but my cousins said they want to stay with my mom (my mom took care of all of them when they were little).

Anyway, we’re all giddy with excitement that every time any of us talk to family abroad, conversations always revolve around our Christmas reunion. The other day actually, my mom was chatting with my aunt from Oceanside on Facebook and the two were discussing how we’ll manage all the trips since there are only three vehicles here.

“We won’t fit!” my aunt pointed out. “My family alone can barely fit in three vehicles. Patro (my aunt in Fresno) can’t ride a cramped car — that’s bad for her arthritis. Also, Vic, Jason, Dan, Oteb, Rey Adam, and Ned will surely complain.”

She was referring to my male cousins and uncles who are all over 6 feet tall.

My dad overheard; “Don’t bother with the cars, let’s ask an airport travel company — they often have minibus hire. A mini-bus is big enough for all of us and none of us will have to drive. Jamie (my cousin who shares driving duties with my brother-in-law) will be happy with that arrangement. It’s also probably more economical that way.”

Dad has a point; taking three vehicles or perhaps more will use up a lot of petrol and if we take them out of town, that’s three vehicles or more that will have to pay toll fees.

My aunt quickly agreed, “Yea, let’s not bother with the cars for the out-of-town trips, also just take the minibus when you pick us up at the airport. Each of us is already planning to bring a big box for the Christmas supplies and gifts.”

Since my aunt mentioned the boxes of supplies, my mom moved on to presenting her list of things to put in the boxes apart from the Christmas items.

Honestly, I don’t think all the remaining months will be enough to adequately prepare for every activity our family abroad wants to include in their itinerary, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure our reunion will be a complete enjoyment for our big family.

My dad already called the transport company — at least we already have one thing that we’re completely sure of. One down, 76 more items to go.

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