Save Your Wedding from Butt-Clenching Moments with an Entertaining MC

It’s the wedding season yet again, and many of us are invited to ceremonies celebrating the sweet union of couples. It’s a great time for socialization because we can expect to see a lot of friends whom we haven’t seen in a long time but took the time to be part of such an important occasion. Plus, there’s the reception party after the ceremony, and that’s usually fun with all the food and dancing. The only thing that can really ruin a beautiful occasion is not really the refusal of weather to cooperate, but masters of ceremony or MCs who don’t know how to make the program interesting and fun for everybody.

We’ve all been to that wedding that’s just so awful. Most of the time, to drown out the senseless logorrhoea of the MC, we engaged our table-mates in conversation or literally drowned ourselves in wine. Personally, I’ve been to a wedding wherein the MC started out in complete control and eloquent, but because he wanted to be funny, he only ended up creating one awkward moment after another. I don’t know how many times I uttered, “Oh dear Lord…save him!” and escaped to the ladies’ room for a long nose-powdering and lipstick application session with my friends.

A wedding should be entirely beautiful and joyous; even if there are little issues here and there, the overall atmosphere should be light and fun. Therefore, if you want to ensure the complete success of your wedding reception, better hire a real MC. Dubai has some of the best in the field of event presenting and they are perfect picks for the job even if they’re not related to you.

Hisham Wayne, who’s a highly in-demand MC in Dubai, claims that real MCs go into every event completely prepared. Winging it is a big no-no for them and while they are also tasked to make the event even more enjoyable for everybody, and they are known to deliver jokes, make spontaneous witty comments and interact with the audience (they are musts to ensure engagement), they should never lose track of the event’s program and its objectives.

Friends who volunteer to be an MC may know you quite well and will have a very personal approach to the task. But if you want your wedding ceremony to sail on smoothly — absolutely free of those terrible butt-clenching moments for the guests — don’t think twice about hiring a professional event MC. You’ll be able to save your wedding and guarantee the enjoyment of everybody.

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