So, Come To Me, All Who Are Aching…

I don’t know — it’s probably because we’re aging, but whenever my girlfriends and I get together, a big part of our conversation focuses on the pains we have. My bff often complains about her lower back pain and how every time she eats tofu and bean sprouts, her knees give her a hard time for about a month (that doesn’t stop her from eating those, though). Another friend of ours who works at the airport says she eternally has foot pains and shares how she cannot ever wear sandals because of her ugly bunions. I, meanwhile, have pains in the weirdest places…I kid you not, sometimes there would be this shooting pain in my thigh and for some reason that would send me in a violent coughing fit. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome and my feet also have dull pain every single day.

At home, on the other hand, it’s pain city, too — my dad with his gout, my mom with her arthritis on the knee and her CTS as well. In the morning, a foot soak for my dad’s gout needs to be prepared; I’d purchased bags of Epsom salt for my dad’s daily pain management, and I recently added magnesium chloride powder as an alternative foot soak agent. In the evening, my mom and I take turns applying topical analgesic on each other, and then my dad needs his legs massaged as well. Pain management is our life and thank God, we’re managing well.

Since we all deal with pain, we’re constantly on the lookout for all sorts of pain relievers. We’re open to everything — from natural solutions to synthetic ones. The goal is to alleviate pain and be able to ignore it so we can function as normally as possible. Currently, I have a big collection of pain relievers and I go through them really quickly for I always bring one kind in my bags. There’s also a tub of emu cream for pain in my car, and I’ve strategically placed everything from oils, to ointments, to tubes of cream in different parts of the house so everybody can easily treat their pains wherever they are in the house. A big percentage of my personal budget automatically goes straight to maintaining that collection.

My cousins often tease me for my vast collection of pain relief products because it just keeps on growing and the variety is just astonishing. They say I’m better than the local drug stores because I offer a bigger selection for pain relief. The thing is I maintain variety not just because I want to have something for specific pains, but it’s also due to the fact that some are not as effective as others, so I have to combine them with other products.

Anyway, everybody hurts somewhere; pain is a part of life. I’m just glad that I have the means to purchase different kinds of treatment solutions so I don’t mind being the person to turn to whenever someone’s complaining of any kind of pain. I most likely have something effective for it. Mefenamic acid, turmeric, Bengay, Moringa oil, paracetamol, prayer — anyone?

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