Start The Day With Broken Plumbing And Your Whole Day Is Ruined

I remember it clearly: going to the office at four in the morning with my bladder completely full. I should have resisted the urge to down a tall glass of water before leaving my house, but my breakfast made my saliva gooey and my throat scratchy so I had no choice.

My office was on the 17th floor of this big corporate building, so the trip on the lift made the urge to pee intensify. I furiously scratched the back of my leg because I read somewhere that it could somehow minimize the urge, but dang it! Bending down squeezed my bladder and I was so close to having an accident. I sloppily danced the Samba and my co-worker riding with me laughed… man, I hated her that moment.

Finally, 17th floor.

“Hold my bag,” I said to my co-worker before dashing to my floor’s restroom.

I almost thwacked my face against the door which remained locked. The janitor who was making rounds that morning said, “Plumbing’s broken…the restroom on the other side of the floor is okay.”

I ran for it and there was a freakin’ queue! I whined in exasperation and did the Twist really fast. One of the girls in the queue took pity on me and said I could go first. I said thanks, and may God bless her good heart eternally.

Well, I took a long time in the cubicle because I really drank a lot of water, and holding my pee in for a long time made my tinkle come in small trickles. When I came out, the girls still waiting in line asked how I was feeling.

“Relieved…thank you all for letting me go first,” I said before bidding them goodbye since I had a meeting that was going to start in five minutes.

For the rest of the day, I sprinted several times to that particular restroom because it was a long way from my office. If I walked, the likelihood of me wetting myself would be so high and I just can’t risk it. Anyway, I wasn’t the only one who channelled The Flash just to get to the loo so it wasn’t that weird; all the women on our side of the building were always racing to that distant restroom.

That day when plumbing was broken on the 17th floor was like a misery marathon for all the businesses on the floor; come early lunch time, all the women were certified grumpy because the businesses on the 16th and 18th floors didn’t like to share their restroom, and asked visitors why they were using “their” bathroom since they didn’t belong there. Apparently, the idea that “sharing is caring” does not exist in those floors. What the heck, right?

Broken plumbing in commercial buildings or business establishments is a “real-life nightmare” — it’s misery exponentially breeding misery. The misery is not just the discomfort of people who are prevented from using facilities that will give them relief, but there’s also the multitude of other negative effects it creates such as flooding, the spread of germs, the stench, the growth of molds… and in our case, a stupid caste system!

No commercial building should ever be derailed by a plumbing problem, which is why building superintendents should always have professional plumbing services like Brewer Commercial Services ( on call; immediate repair of broken plumbing is key to maintaining productivity, safety, sanity and peace.

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