The Mobile Phone Hex

Everything that could go wrong with gadgets went wrong for my mom and cousins this weekend. My cousin Jamie said it’s like somebody flicked a wand in their direction and ordered their phones to cause them suffering.

“Somebody went, peskipersky mobile phone-um to us,” uttered Jamie, who’s obviously a Harry Potter nut.

Starting with mom’s iPhone. It had “decided” to be a complete brat — it worked only when it wanted to and refused to when my mother needed it to do its job. It’s been behaving that way for the last several weeks, but last weekend, according to my mother, the phone took on the worst “attitude” and turned utterly useless.

“It’s nothing but clutter in the purse! It’s cl-utterly useless,” she angrily punned about the phone.

Meanwhile, my cousin Cheska’s iPhone 6, which had been damaged by water last year, has “pneumonia” (as diagnosed by a lot of people). The expensive phone lit up, got hot and died several times before the battery swelled and the screen rose a tad. So yesterday (a holiday, fortunately for us all), Cheska took her phone to an inconveniently far specialist repair shop and was told to wait a week for the gadget to be fixed. Big bummer, she said, but the phone’s too pricey an investment to permit a very early demise — she’s even just very recently completed payments for it. Currently, she’s using a very old mobile phone model, which she purchased on the cheap last Sunday.

Her sister, Jamie, on the other hand, cracked the screen of her smartphone the previous week and then the damaged phone got stolen last Friday — why someone would take interest in a damaged phone is truly beyond us. She lamented the massive collection of photos she accumulated over the last three years as well as all of her contacts. So last Sunday, when the “cuzzins” had a night out, I offered to loan her the amount of money she needed for a new phone. Unlike me, she really needs a good phone because of her job and she’s the most social out of all of us — she was dying without it.

While the problems were somewhat solved, and all of them got new phones, everybody’s forlorn about the diminished savings. They had to make untimely costly purchases to restore their “routine,” and now, our end-of-the-month road trip had been cancelled because none of them can afford it.

Oh well, a road trip isn’t necessary; a mobile phone is. Just hope nobody would go “peskipersky mobile phone-um” again because that would really suck. Nobody’s got money for that anymore!

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