The Talk That Happens When Girlfriends Gather for Tea

My girlfriends and I rarely get together because we’re all busy with “life,” but last weekend, we managed to spend time together and catch up on each other’s lives over tea.

We started out with something light while our tea was still hot. O, my childhood friend who has two sons, shared that her eldest (my godson, who’s seven years old) is already into cars.

“He’s like his dad; they’re always checking out cars and collecting pictures and miniatures,” O said to me and our other friend, L.

L huffed, “That’s like the obsession of guys — I don’t get it.”

Me neither. Sure, I admire sleek rides and wouldn’t mind owning one, but once they’ve driven past me or I’ve walked past them, I’m over them.

“It amazes me how they know all the technical terms — when J (O’s husband) and R (O’s eldest) start discussing cars over meals, I’m like, why are these two speaking alien? R even tried to explain torque and some other thing to me, and I just couldn’t get it,” O continued.

“Torque? Isn’t that a comic superhero?” L remarked.

“No, that’s Thor! Torque is a cheap phone brand,” I pointed out.

Yea, that moment it was the battle of the brainless between L and I.

“Whatever, I didn’t understand it,” O uttered. “So, yesterday, R and I dropped by the mall when I picked him up from school and he begged me to get a miniature Ferrari because he and J don’t have one yet in their collection. I said sure — gosh, I didn’t know that little thing was so expensive. It’s even more expensive than the three ELF lipsticks I got! I only found out how expensive it was when I checked the receipt because I paid with a card.”

L and I both went “ugh” at our friend’s boo-boo.

“I wanted to yell at R for picking something expensive but useless, but he was so happy with it and when we got home, J was also thrilled about that stupid thing,” O proceeded. “I complained about the cost of their collection of miniatures but J pointed out that it’s just a small amount of money to outwork the sadness of the impossibility of ever owning European luxury cars — no way in hell and back that we’d be able to afford a Ferrari even with Ferrari financing, so they’re just feeding their obsession with auto news and miniature models. R thinks he’ll own one one day, though — he said he’ll start saving so by the time he’s 30, he’ll already have a Ferrari.”

“Boy, car obsession really starts young,” I commented about my godson’s life plan. “But I suppose that’s better than having marriage plans at his age. A family costs so much more than a Ferrari.”

L rolled her eyes at me, “You know, C — you never fail to sound like the old maid-est old maid in the universe! A family is better than a Ferrari!”

“Didn’t you say you want to return your husband to his mother last time because he went overboard macking out his Honda and forgot to pay his credit card balance?” I retorted snootily.

L looked like she was on the verge of an apoplexy because I reminded her about that. Good thing, we were drinking tea — a calming activity. She just sighed eventually.

We didn’t dwell on that topic anymore and proceeded to discuss this soap opera we’re all following, and then recipes for Christmas, the yard sale scheduled for the second Saturday of December, health, et cetera.

We’re such middle-aged women, aren’t we? We talk a lot about “whatever.” Anyway, my weekend was fun because of the conversations over tea, and what’s better about it was that time spent with my gal pals didn’t cost a thing. I’m looking forward to another tea date; I hope life will make room for it soon.

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