The Ugliness That Surrounds Us

I avoid watching the news sometimes because I’m constantly reminded of how dangerous and ugly the world has become.

The last time I watched the news, one of the feature stories was about what New Yorkers found as “excessive police force.” It wasn’t that the cops were behaving abusively toward people, it was more like they were all over the city — even in quiet neighborhoods — armed and with their internal security vehicles. Locals found their presence somewhat stifling and a lot of parents said they didn’t like the feeling that something violent might go down every time they see the cops fully geared.

One parent who was interviewed said, it wasn’t nice for kids to see cops around the community carrying big guns; her own kids were getting nightmares.

Cops said they’re just doing their job of protecting the city and its inhabitants. They’re hoping that with their constant presence and monitoring, terroristic plots will not be carried out. As for the arms and the ISVs, they are necessary considering the scale of the attacks the country’s been experiencing. They mustn’t be found lacking and unable to properly protect the people.

The locals and the police both have a point, and there are still so many different ways of looking at the situation, but one thing cannot be denied: there are safety threats all around — not just in New York, and we all need to be watchful so we can avoid getting caught in the chaos.

As an aunt to three lovely children, I’m constantly watchful because I know very well that the kind of violence carried out these days doesn’t spare young innocent children. Heck, I got see the news about the airstrikes in Syria last August. I knew that many of those who perished were kids. I also knew that 50 children were injured in the Bastille Day attack.

I wish I could shield my niece and nephews from all the ugliness while they’re young but it’s not easy. My niece goes online already and sees the news. I remember when she learned about the refugee Syrian boy who drowned in the Aegean Sea, she unabashedly burst into tears in front of the TV and asked “why?” I tried to console her but I only ended up crying along with her because it just was terrible.

Truly these are ugly times and from what I can observe, things are poised to get uglier. All I can really do is look after my loved ones’ welfare and pray that when the world reaches the pinnacle of human darkness, we all will no longer be around.

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