Things You Should Be Doing for Lawn Care This Fall

Autumn is the season of natural splendor and everybody loves how the word looks during this time. Your own property can be a source of visual delight during this season, but this is only possible if you pay great attention to lawn care.

So, what should you be doing for fall lawn care?

Lawn care specialists advise prepping your lawn or garden for the harsher climate up ahead, as well as the planting you’ll be doing in the spring. The most important thing to do in the fall is to clean up the outdoor space. Rake all the fallen leaves and dispose of them after the kids have had their fun with the piles (can’t get rid of leaf piles before the children have jumped and tumbled on them). Doing this will prevent leaves from clumping together or matting, which are not only not nice to look at, but can also suffocate your lawn and prevent easy revival in the spring.

Now, if you make your own fertilizer, keep some of the leaves and twigs you’ve raked and add them to your compost pile. However, be very careful not to add diseased plants or poison ivy (look for leaves with white spots and little berries).

You need to scan your lawn for weeds as well; weeds are eyesores and their presence compromises the health of grass and other plants. Although they do not proliferate during the season, making sure there aren’t any around at all that will “rise from sleep” will make your lawn properly prepared for spring when weeds are most aggressive. Keep an eye out for those weed beds and uproot the whole thing. Afterwards, apply some lawn tonics that will inhibit weed growth in the spring.

Once done weeding, get the lawn mower out for the final buzz of the year. Cut grass down to two inches for a clean appearance; and then, apply corn gluten evenly throughout your lawn or garden.

The last thing to do if you grow flowers in your garden is to plant bulbs and perennials, roses, and deciduous trees. Get all of these in the ground during autumn and they’ll be ready to pop up come springtime.

This may seem like a great amount of work, but you can be sure that not only will the outdoor space look nice and clean throughout fall, but it will also be properly prepped for abundant and healthy growth in the following year.

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