Tips On Line Memorization To Help You Land That Acting Job

There are plenty of acting jobs if you’re not too picky. Businesses are always looking for actors either for their marketing or training videos. If you’re just trying to get some experience, these are acting gigs that you should not take lightly. Mind you, competition is stiff for these jobs; businesses even turn to casting agencies because they want the best actors for their commercials.

If you want to build an impressive resume as an actor, you definitely must not rely only on your good looks; it’s crucial that you’re automatically able to present yourself as a complete professional. The best way to demonstrate your professionalism is by being able to deliver lines properly, no matter how short or lengthy they are. When you start off by getting the lines right, killin’ those lines with the appropriate delivery will be no biggie.

To help you with this, here are some line memorization tips.

1. Read out loud and do so over and over again. You want to get those lines so embedded in you that they just roll of your tongue even without you thinking about them so much.

2. If the line you’re delivering is part of a dialogue, have somebody practice with you. You won’t miss your cue this way and you’ll easily be able to connect your lines with the lines of others. Get anybody — a family member, a friend — to practice with you.

3. Record your lines and listen to them as often as you can. You know how it is — when you keep on hearing something, it gets planted in your brain, just like that stupid song you hate but for some reason know all the words to because you hear it so often. You can use a traditional recorder or your smartphone for this.

4. Deliver your lines in front of the mirror — This is the oldest trick in the book. You’ll create a better memory in doing this, and as you become more and more familiar with your lines, you’ll be able to do something about your face and gestures in order to deliver a flawless and natural performance.

5. Combine movement with speech — a scientific study conducted by Helga and Tony Noice has proven that this strategy allows actors to recall the next line easily because memory is aided by physical movement.

So, when you’re auditioning for any acting job, use these tips — these surely will give you an edge over your competition.