Why Do People Buy Old Cars?

When it comes to the stable popularity of vintage cars, most aficionados claim that it’s not just about loving the aesthetic of older things; there are other reasons why they invest a lot of money in buying old cars and refurbishing them.

This old-ish man I know who purchased this old Volkswagen station wagon said he sold his new SUV to buy the clunker because it was a childhood dream of his to have the said vehicle. As someone who’s done providing for his family as his children are all already working, he’s indulging himself and rekindling childhood joys by purchasing things that he liked or dreamt of having as a kid. It’s like his reward for having fulfilled his job as a husband and father. He says that every time he drives his “new” old station wagon, he’s filled with excitement because he feels like a kid again, and there’s also that tiny fear that the car may not get him to his intended destination.

Meanwhile, my friend’s dad purchased a classic Mercedes Benz for sale recently to add to his collection of cars. The purchase was for sentimental purposes — his family owned the same luxury car as a kid and he has fond memories of his own father driving him to and from school in that particular car. Plus, it was the same car model he used when he got married. My friend said, her youngest brother will likely use that car when he gets married (which is not really anytime soon). The car is part of the family’s legacy, that’s why when the original perished in the flood that submerged our city, her dad simply had to buy a replica.

As for my father, he said many like vintage cars because cars nowadays are simply not as glamorous as the classics, and the older ones are great quality, too. In a car crash, today’s cars will turn into a heap of crushed tin if they hit a vintage car. The body’s sturdier and heavier — we know this for a fact because my uncle’s 1963 Toyota Crown Deluxe was hit by a Mitsubishi Lancer years ago and there wasn’t much damage to the body of the Crown Deluxe while the Mitsubishi Lancer’s front was like a folded accordion.

Also, they’re so spacious. I remember nine of us fitting into that dinosaur of a car; my grandparents, my uncle all sat in front while I, my sister, mom, and 2 aunts sat in the back. Mind you, my uncle’s 6’3, grandpa’s 5’11, grandma’s 5’7, 2 aunts are 5’7 and 5’8, mom’s 5’4, I was 5’2 then (only 11 then), and my sister’s 4’11. That Crown Deluxe was like a “serious” clown car.

And lastly, my business-minded brother-in-law said, vintage cars are income generators because they’re like museum pieces — they’re not common. Like when he bought his vintage Volkswagen combi, he knew what business to make of it. The mini bus regularly gets rented as a photo bus for special events like weddings, birthday parties, fairs, and even concerts.

Ties with childhood and other sentimental reasons, quality, and the ability to generate big income — these are all valid reasons for the purchase. If you’re thinking of buying an old car though, make sure that you’re dedicated to turning it into an asset by directing a bit more money toward it. If you don’t, it can be the source of a lot of costly problems.

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