Visual Identity of YES! Vancouver

YES! Vancouver is a philanthropic network of women in Vancouver who aim to raise money for Dress for Success Vancouver and create innovative and meaningful events for motivated and career women. A part from their website, they have an established social media network including: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and a Bloglovin. I’ll be taking a closer look at their brand’s visual identity in terms of colour, shape, movement and space.

They have a consistent colour palette from their brand logo which they follow on their website and on their Instagram page they follow a distinct filter or style for images that they post and the colours and images all look related. Their colour palette is pink, orange and dark grey. There is good use of colour and contrast with the call to action buttons.

All the buttons, banners and sections have distinct structures and sharp edges, they are mostly rectangles. The typeface is gothic and their header font is alternate gothic which is a sans serif and is quite tall and bold. The font they use for body text and sub headers is tablet narrow which has very subtle curves and is tall and narrow with sharp corners and edges.

They make use of their space effectively and the flow is very structured and obvious with everything centred and evenly divided among the page. They fill up the entire page with useful information and keep in mind the extent of the text they include.

The movement of their website is very straight forward and easy to follow. There could be more space to make it less busy and cluttered and allow the visitor to have time to look at each aspect instead of being alarmed by the amount of content. This would also help manage the flow of information and sections on the page.