Grandma Voted Leave. I Didn’t.

An empowering and refreshing piece in a time in which we are more divided than ever. The epidemic of negativity and hate in our societies is alarming. I hope more people begin to realize that the most important things right now are dialogue and open conversation with each other, even if we instinctively want to hate a person’s guts for what they believe in. It is a matter of maturity and seeing past our emotions, but also of compassion. When we simply hate anyone who opposes us and cast them into a single clump of racists or xenophobes, we become blind. We are no better than those “evil” people we think they are; in fact, we become hypocrites. Everyone has reasons for their actions. Blaming ultimately gets us nowhere.

As you rightly said, the world needs more positive action and talking to achieve progress. I think surrounding yourself only with people who 100% agree with you is almost dangerous. We need to be challenged; not only by people with differing views, but also by ourselves. Lazy campaigning and spewing hatred is easy. Remaining focused on the ultimate goal of change or resistance will require considerable effort and setting aside of egos on our part. Thanks for sharing a cogent and well-written piece on this!