Don’t listen to the haters.

I am going to list a few times in the past couple years where people tried to tell me I would fail.

Switching careers from health to UX Design.

Parents: “Don’t do it, what makes you think you’ll succeed? Don’t you see designers all over TV, why would someone pick you over them?”

I disregarded their pessimistic attitudes because this is what I am passionate about. This is what I want to do with my life. It was communicated I would be kicked out of the house upon completion of the course. Guess I had better find a job fast.

One of the first interviews I had upon completing General Assembly’s UXDi Course.

CEO of Startup: “You didn’t ship these projects???? I thought from the looks of your portfolio…what…you’re only a student? Oh wow. You’re not ready to be a designer. Go get an Internship.”

A few weeks later I received multiple offers, one was an offer for the design agency I have been at the past year and 8 months as a UX Designer.

New coworker at the agency I work at.

Coworker: “One day you’ll leave this place. You’ll do great things. You’ll be an amazing designer. But, you aren’t that now.

I receive an offer to be a part of a competetive startup a week after this conversation. I guess this startup must see something in me he doesn’t.

Moral of the story

I don’t let those who try to drag me down prevent me from achieving my goals. I instead use them as a means of motivating myself to prove that I am capable of achieving the goals I set, and getting to where I want to be in life. Don’t let people tear you down. Don’t listen to the haters.