New Zealand…here I come.

I couldn’t tell you when it started or even how. It is just one of those passionate feelings that seems to be embedded in your DNA. It’s a deep desire that is completely unexplainable yet so beautifully powerful.
Since I was a child, I have always wanted to go to New Zealand.
New Zealand is a place where exquisite culture melts together, with such peace, to create a vibrant community. This type of community is unique in every way to these beautiful islands. I believe this quality to be something you cannot find many places. To experience this fascinating blend of culture for myself would have a profound effect on my world view.
Not only does the intrinsic nature of the New Zealand community make my heart yearn to be a part of it but the natural beauty of it as well. Maybe it was just one look at a picture of the New Zealand landscape as a child that made my heart know this was the place for me?
I have only traveled a few times in my life and all to places very close to home, but I know that New Zealand calls my name and to have it be the place where my travel experience sparks would be the ultimate dream. This is why I have chosen to study abroad there. There was never a doubt in my mind. Sometimes I like to believe it chose me.
University of Otago, Dunedin
The University of Otago, New Zealand’s first university, offers students an incredible array of learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. While learning about these different experiences from online research as well as from fellow classmates that spent time at Otago, I knew this was where I needed to go. There was no better option to combine my love for learning, specifically within their amazing psychology and neuroscience programs, and my desire to explore the wonders of New Zealand’s natural environment.
Located in the South Island, Otago’s natural surroundings are perfect for exploration. From the sandy beaches flustered with penguins to the great alpine peaks and glaciers, there is a whole new classroom offered in it’s surroundings that I cannot wait to take advantage of. I believe the best learning comes from these environments.
If I get the chance to study in the midst of the beauty that is New Zealand, I expect to grow and stretch my world view. Something I strive for in life is to always challenge my understanding of the world and the people within it. Studying in New Zealand would allow me this opportunity. I believe that New Zealand and it’s melting pot of culture has something to offer the world and I hope to be someone to share that.
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