A Sneak Peak into the Life of Multi Talented Nigerian Music Artist — D’Banj

Yes, we are talking about the multi talented singer/musician and businessman D’banj. D’banj has numerous awards and recognitions to his credit. The artist is best known for his musical hit with producer Don Jazzy. He holds a list of notable awards to his credits which includes

· Best African Act at the MTV Europe Awards 2007

· Artist of the year at theMTV Africa Music Awards

· Best International Act: Africa at 2011 BET Awards

· Best Selling African Artist at 2014 World Music Awards

· Evolution Awards at the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards

Here is a sneak peek into the Life-Journey of multitalented artist D’banj.

The Journey

D’Banj, the Nigerian songwriter/singer and Businessman was born on 9th June 1980 as ‘Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo’. He is best known for his musical hit “Oliver Twist”. With hilarious lyrics, D’banjs songs are based on his life with a much deeper meaning. D’banj met Don jazzy in 2011, who was struggling to be a songwriter and producer at that point of time.

D’banj & Don Jazzy

They met for the first time in 2001, when both of them were struggling to make a mark in the music industry. Since then D’banj and Don Jazzy share a great bond, which created the sensational hit ‘Oliver Twist’ in 2012. In 2004 D’Banj performed on the stage for the first time and Don jazzy worked with him since then. Now after a decade, D’banj is coming out with 10th anniversary album and Don jazzy is one of the many producers of the album.

D’banj believes that it is more important to entertain the audience rather than just singing because there are many songs and singers in this world, which no one even knows about. He believes that there is a hell lot of difference between singing and entertaining people. In addition, that’s what D’banj does. He is a complete entertainer, who sets the stage on fire and steals the heart of the fans whenever he performs.

If you are a music lover and looking for flavor songs and videos, D’Banj sure should be your first choice. His music is fresh and has an entertainment element into it. The songs of his are ambiguous and hence can create an opportunity for the listener to interpret it in different ways, which adds a style to his music, which is just awesome.

What’s next?

Well with an artist like him, it’s always speculated what he is up to, what’s coming Next? D’Banj currently is working on much awaited 10th Anniversary Album with long time friend and music producer Don Jazzy.

Apple has signed a deal with Kokomaster D’Bnaj for a movie on his 10-year long musical life-journey. And the artist is believed to be taking acting classes as the movie is based on him, so he wants to be professional. However, he was quoted as saying, “I don’t need acting lessons to play myself, but it’s good to be professional”.

So, we can expect some great music and a movie coming our way very soon featuring the Nigerian Star and its sure going to entertain like all of his music and songs do all the time.

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