Just when you think….that thought is lost

You know when you’re at that point of creation.

Got it.

Creating great advertising, I mean.

Where the ideas link up, the data aligns, and the message gives the audience exactly what they’re looking for. <<<Cue gong sound in the background<<<

When I am strategizing for a brand, I feel the most in my element. I may not be an expert life strategist (but c’mon, who is?……wait, I guess life coaches) Life is hard, and finding a strategy to navigate through it is even harder. Simply thinking about the best way to solve some life hack of mine riddles me with anxiety. Marketing is where I’ve found my mojo. And Advertising is where I get to use that mojo. I just thought of that.

So, it all starts with the brainstorming. It gets me super pumped just thinking about it.

And then I think about it too much, get super pumped again. And lose the original thought I started with. That was just so good….what was it? Oh yeah, brainstorming. (Thank goodness I wrote this down).

Brainstorming is the best way to build your idea up from a single, simple thought to a detailed, cohesive campaign. As easy as it seems, brainstorming is something that creators and strategists struggle with everyday as you would think.

If this doesn’t motivate you to create something, idk what else will

Brainstorming is to produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion. Serving out the freshest ideas in a group setting isn’t a quick process. Ideas are slaughtered, modified, brought back to life, and killed in a matter of 10 minutes. The best way to brainstorm for me, whether it is solo, with a partner, or with a group, is to do my homework. No, not your school work, your homework. Or some would refer to now as…..research. Or some would call it….Google. Some ideas are not supported by research. In a data-driven society, nobody has time for that. Make your ideas meaningful by having something to back them up with. My biggest pet peeve is hearing a great idea and see it just dwindle into nothing. It takes work to turn that idea into a strategy, and implement it in a well thought out, detailed campaign.

Bringing a thought to life is my daily goal. Implementing it in the finest fashion, whether it be formatting the perfect 90’s hip-hop playlist on Spotify, or conveying my thoughts concisely enough to publish this post. It’s a goal. And a thought that hasn’t been lost. #winning

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