The new public resource seeks to reduce domestic violence in Bogotá by eradicating machismo and providing a safe space for callers

In Bogotá, Colombia, a phone operator listens intently to the man on the other end of the phone. The caller, 23, is reeling from his girlfriend’s decision to leave him. It’s a development that’s devastating, but not completely unexpected; after all, he regularly accused his partner of infidelity without justification…

Female FARC political party candidates have a long road ahead, but are making significant progress

SSofía Nariño arrived at the voting station in Bogotá’s well-to-do Teusaquillo neighborhood, dressed in a lacy white blouse and a leather bolo tie necklace, secured with a red rose in full bloom. Gone were the olive-green fatigues she donned as a Marxist rebel fighter and as a part of her…

Christina Noriega

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