These Articles Have Earned Me Over $100 Each

This can help you too!

Christina Piccoli
2 min readJun 26, 2024
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I had a thought when I was out running today. (Many ideas come from being outside and getting exercise! That’s a top tip for you.)

“I should pull a list together of my articles that have earned me at least $100 and keep it pinned on my profile.”

I have 5 right now, but I will continue to add to this list as I collect more of these articles.

This helps me because it gives me incentive to grow this list by creating more $100 articles. That’s fun!

But it helps you too…


You can use these articles for information. Study them like a mad scientist and see if you can find patterns. That’s what I do with other Medium writers who’ve made $100+ with their articles.

I look at:

  • How long the article is
  • The topic the writer used
  • How the article is formatted
  • If the article is in a publication
  • If there any videos in the article
  • How many images are in the article
  • If there’s anything special about the headline



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