Meditation Techniques for the Rest of Us!
Megan Cossey

Megan. I totally clicked on this article because it was a great article that I wanted to read. And then I saw that it was you who wrote it — my absolute favorite writer at Medium. Of course. So I just wanted to say, right on. From a professional meditation teacher: right. on. Today is a day when you are showing up and excelling! And remember that meditation is really *not* about “emptying your mind” — because that is impossible as long as you are alive. Mindfulness meditation, at least, is about observing your mind and making your (sometimes awkward, uncomfortable, and messy, but also sometimes really, really lovely) peace with the reality of it. Which you clearly understand because it’s evident in your article, so all of this just to acknowledge what a great job you’re doing both as a meditator and a writer, and what a powerful contribution that is to the wellbeing of our world. I am saving this article to share with clients.

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