Uncovering UX Design

User eXperience (UX)

What path would you take?

Since society has become so reliant on technology, the field of UX design has become increasingly needed to ensure user satisfaction. However, many people and companies are unsure what UX designers actually do. The best way to describe the role a UX designer plays is to understand their process.

The Process

First UX designers begin their process with research. Understanding the users is essential in making sure they are satisfied with the overall experience. UX Designers may use interviews, surveys, personas and user testing to determine what users feel and enjoy.

After researching, UX designers will begin designing using wireframes and prototypes, so they may begin user testing of the experience. Prototyping allows UX Designers to gain feedback from their users, so they may make necessary changes to the design.

An example of a persona a research strategy

Finally, UX designers implement the experience. Typically UX designers will work with programmers to create the product. While not all UX designers design for technology, this is the most common medium.

The Team

UX designers do not work alone. Collaboration is a key ingredient in creating the best design. UX designers will work with marketers, content specialists, project managers and more professionals. Communication between all parties makes for a smoother process and better design.

The Importance

UX designers are a very valuable part of any company. Making sure users have an enjoyable experience keeps them coming back. If customers become confused or frustrated with a website they may leave the page or never return. Customer retention is even more important these days because there are usually a variety of choices for them to choose from.

In Conclusion, UX DESIGNERS create the best possible user interaction. Next time you have a satisfying experience on a web page or with an app you may want to thank a UX designer.