A Brief Thought On Free Speech… there’s a tricky part…

It is counter productive to remain ideologically aligned with White Supremacy. Studies have shown that diversity in the workforce is actually quite profitable. Seeing things from different perspectives enlivens problem-solving and enhances creativity. But, I digress.

In relation to free speech, however, we must uphold the Constitution. Trust me. Heteronormative, cisgendered, White Patriarchal, ableist speech makes me uncomfortable, also. It makes many people outright livid. It demoralizes others. And in general, makes many vibrant souls more susceptible to internalizing the consistent, relentless, systemic inferiorization of themselves. Regardless, of the widespread dissemination of this disease and its attendens neutralization of achieving a more advanced and enlightened society, it is imperative to defend free speech.

When we silence one, we open the door for others to silence us.

Here’s the tricky part. Articulating a deeply held personal belief comes with it the consequence of another person having the right to share their own view. That’s cool. We get that. But, there is a difference between the freedom to articulate a deeply held personal belief and being in a position to violate federal law by acting on it. What? Yes. Plain and simple language. White Supremacist misogynists, due to the deeply held personal beliefs to which they are entitled, are rendered unqualified to be in any positions of authority because they have the potential to jeopardize their places of employment and cause actual harm to people affected by their bias by acting on their implicit bias. An unwillingness to treat people equally regardless of the race, religion, gender, national origin and/or class is against the law. And if the deeply held personal belief to which they are entitled is such that Black people are inferior, then in no way should they be allowed to professionally come into contact with said people. See how that works?

So, by all means, express yourself, march, talk, write long treatises. But, never expect to hold any position of real power, including, fast food worker. Racism is bad for business. Racism is expensive.