Observed: True Story With Dogs

Delicious, an Asian woman with a traditionally African body, waits with Bianca at the light. Blanca is a petite white dog who seems high tempered. Eager, friendly, but ready to switch and snarl bite given the slightest provocation. Enraptured, Delicious misses the light because she is gazing down the street.

Mahoghany Brother, oblivious to Delicious’ gaze, strolls down the street next to Golden. Golden is an independently minded, high yellow mix breed. Golden holds her own leash in her mouth. She walks herself. She understands the world requires her to wear a leash, but, she is only having the letter of the law, not the spirit. She is not here for your assumptions about being uncontrollable, prone to hysterics or wild. Mahogany and Golden are tight. They exude mutual love and trust.

Delicious, calls out, “Is she walking herself?”

Mahogany chuckles. The chuckle could mean anything from “What else would she do?” to “Lordt deliver me from a micro-aggression.” His body humbles. The spine curves a little. The chin drops a precise 7 degrees. Golden notices Bianca. Bianca notices Golden and begins to wag her tail and pull at her leash. Bianca emits a tiny yip. Golden looks at Mahogany. Golden looks at Bianca. Golden can not be bothered. She is out for her morning constitutional with Mahogany and no white bitch is going to mess with that vibe.

As he approaches, Mahogany says something I can not hear. He and Golden exchange a glance. Golden proceeds to engage in the business of sniffing with Bianca. This excites Bianca to no end. Bianca hops a little then proceeds to try to jump Golden. Golden sits and waits for Mahogany to take her leash.

Delicious’s gaze proves she is smitten with both of them. The humans speak for a little bit. But, Bianca can not contain herself. She is in love with Golden. She wants Golden to play with her. She wants Golden to romp with her. She wants something from Golden. Golden yields. After all, Delicious and Mahogany seem to be having a chill moment of connection. Golden takes it into her head that she is safe. She begins to rise up onto two paws and commence to tumble rumbling.

It seemed like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One with long walks in the park and standing quietly side by side at the dog park watching the dog-children play.

But, Mahogany smiles disarmingly and backs away from Delicious taking Golden with him. Who knows what could have happened if Bianca could have stayed calm.

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