Vocabulary: TadPoling

Beckys shenigan. Tads pole. I started talking privately about the behaviors of Tads in close circles recently. Hence, TadPoling.

Tads are a male version of Beckys. Tads are not your hood wearing racist. Tads are usually more aggressive than Beckys. Tads will never dissolve in puddles during a conversation due to the large volume of tears produced. They will storm away and then corner you privately like (sexual aggressors) and try to gaslight the shit out of you with menacing suggestions like, “Be careful who you alienate.” In feminist circle, Tads are eager to mansplain.

TadPoling is the more passive “#NotAll,” “I’m not listening,” “ I’m a good person.” “ I have nothing more to learn” “ We’re all the same” “Why are you being so hostile?” “Why is it always about Race?”

Tads insists they have a right to occupy your space & your time because they are your ally and they know all about racism. They know all about racism because they are Jewish or Irish or red-headed or like to fuck Black women. And please don’t ask them to read anything because they really do know everything about racists and racism because they are not the “real enemy.” The real enemy is named JoeBob.

Tads believe if they keep swinging their pole of righteous good allyship, you will cave in to their superior colorblind knowledge of humanism. (Not to be confused with be in humyn.)

The terminology for TadPoling has its origins in the way in which they are stuck in their most primitive form never realizing that there is a whole new interesting way of being. They’ll just forever be wondering why they are out there swimming alone in the pond worried about getting eaten by big fish never knowing they can evolve and get out of the water.

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