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Ever wonder what your dog is thinking or saying when he barks, what seems like nonsense, to you? The Doge meme can help you express these thoughts and share them to the world.

Over the past 4 years, this picture of a cute Shiba Inu with a little side-eye has circled around the internet and made itself an internet meme under the name: “Doge”. Doge can be used to convey a variety of different expressions, often times in a voice of a dog’s inner monologue. People of the internet customize this image with short colourful phrases in the text Cosmic Sans, usually starting with “wow”, “such”, “so” and “very”, all in broken English. This hilarious meme has circulated the web for years, but who’s dog is this and how did it get so famous?

Turns out, Doge’s real name is Kabosu. Kabosu belongs to Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato and she posted pictures of her new Shiba Inu on the internet in 2010. The original photo shows Satos’ blurred hand at the bottom right of the image, as if she was about to pet Kabosu. Since Kabosu was newly adopted, Doge was probably suspicious of this act, hence the side-eye action.

Shortly after Sato’s original post, the same image was posted on Reddit, to which a commenter (supposedly) misspelt “DOG” and typed “DOGE”. Two years later, a Tumblr user posted a short audio recording of an automated voice about the options once encountering a doge. This post is currently at over 70,000 notes (collectively reblogs and likes). In 2013, the subreddit r/doge was born, allowing people to post all things doge. This spilled over into other social mediums and although Kabosu is the original Doge, doge can be used as a general term for Shiba Inu dogs or just dogs in general. Over the years, beautiful renditions of doge has surfaced.

Small faced doge
“Cate”, a cat edition of the doge meme
A cream filled doge

With the internet’s obsession with dogs, it shouldn’t be surprising that it was the top meme of 2013 (the peak of its memeness) by Know Your Meme. This wholesome internet dog(e) is only the tip of the animal meme iceberg. What is a doggo? A pupper? What about a woofer? Stay educated with this informative video.

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