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As many people are adjusting to social distancing, there have been a myriad of articles containing tips and tricks for working from home. But a lot of people are also using this extra time at home to take online courses. While the majority of the onus should be on the educator to craft and deliver course content in a meaningful and logical way, there are also things students can do to get the most out of their online learning experience.

As an educator, I try to tailor my LinkedIn Learning courses for the audience and the format. But the challenge…

Rep. Maxine Waters during a House Financial Services Committee hearing where she used the phrase “reclaiming my time.”
Rep. Maxine Waters during a House Financial Services Committee hearing where she used the phrase “reclaiming my time.”
Rep. Maxine Waters during a House Financial Services Committee hearing.

How starting over on Twitter helped me leave behind the toxic parts of the women in tech community.

(This post was inspired by Anil Dash’s essay on unfollowing everybody and starting fresh.)

I joined Twitter in 2009, back when there were only 140 characters, no retweet button, no quote tweets, no threads, no bots and of course, the fail whale. I tried to convince my friends to join too but only a few did because they just didn’t understand the point of Twitter. Why would you post random thoughts into an abyss?

Twitter reminded me of the early days of blogging where many blogs were basically diary entries. Sure, we were a bunch of strangers reading about the…

Ajay Kemparaj is a lead senior computer scientist at Adobe currently working as the Engineering Lead for Adobe I/O Events. He possesses a vast amount of technical knowledge and is often the go-to person when other engineers face challenges, inside and outside the Adobe I/O team. He has great passion for building new things from the ground up, which is what led him to join Adobe I/O and help create a new central platform for developers who want to extend and integrate Adobe technologies into their own apps and experiences.

Ajay has led multiple initiatives at Adobe to successful delivery…

Dragos Dascalita Haut is a project lead for Adobe I/O with a fantastic international team based in Romania, India, and his hometown of San Jose. Together, they work on scaling Adobe’s APIs using a distributed serverless platform.

In his talk at Serverless NYC Meetup, called ‘Libraries as a Service,’ Dascalita Haut explored the idea of annotating libraries to make them directly deployable in serverless environments. Usually, a library needs to first be embedded into a service, compiled, then deployed somewhere, before becoming consumable. …

Server side applications have grown from the days of supporting just one type of client: the browser. Now, there are mobile browsers, native mobile apps, and a variety of IoT devices ranging from home automation to health monitoring devices. Development has also evolved from monolithic applications to microservice architecture, and now an even more basic unit, a function, deployed on the server.

Sandeep Paliwal is a computer scientist working on the Adobe I/O Runtime, an environment that allows you to quickly deploy custom code to respond to events and access other Adobe services. …

From the #BBHMM: Asking For and Getting What You’re Worth slide deck by Christina Truong.

On Nov 15th, 2016, I ran a workshop for Women Who Code Toronto all about assessing and understanding what your skills are worth and how to ask for it, whether you’re at a full-time job, freelancing or side gig. I also talked a bit about doing volunteer work.

I was in a sassy mood so I decided to channel my best friend in the head, Rihanna, and called the workshop #BBHMM: Asking For and Getting What You’re Worth.

I didn’t watch HBO’s The Wire until after it went off the air. I was in university during its run and my financial situation only allowed for cable or internet. I chose internet.

After finally watching it a few years later, I could understand why it had such a following. The writers knew how to make me care about the characters like they were people I knew personally. I was instantly hooked and binge-watched the series. I would tell myself, “I’ll watch just one more episode.” Then it would be 1am and I’m counting down how many hours of sleep…

When I heard about Lara Hogan’s career celebration process of eating a donut ( to be “deliberate about marking achievements” I thought it was a fantastic idea. I tend to focus on all the things that I have yet to accomplish and then make myself feel bad for not accomplishing them. But when I was putting together the content for my website redesign last year, I remember thinking “Damn, girl! You’ve done a lot!” (I sometimes talk to myself.)

Anyway, that’s enough tooting of my own horn. The point is, I agree wholeheartedly with Lara that we should take a…

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“Can I take you out for coffee and pick your brain?”

This question simultaneously brings up feelings of flattery and hesitation. I’m flattered that someone deems me knowledgeable enough to help them on their career path and give advice. But getting unsolicited requests feels like an imposition on my time (and subsequently, my money). Even if the request is short, polite, friendly and comes from a good place. And then being asked to travel to a coffee shop, to meet someone I don’t know? Or to respond to an email with a laundry list of questions? We all have different comfort levels so for some people, this is not an issue…

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I usually don’t make New Years resolutions because I believe that when you’re ready to do something, you’ll just do it. Sure, I get it, setting a deadline helps to get your butt into gear but often we find ways to make excuses to avoid admitting that maybe we’re just not ready yet for that change.

Anyway, why am I writing about this? Because it’s the start of a new year, that’s why! …

Christina Truong

Independent Web Developer, Tech Educator, occasional writer and speaker. @christinatruong

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