From the #BBHMM: Asking For and Getting What You’re Worth slide deck by Christina Truong.

Toronto Tech Salary Survey

On Nov 15th, 2016, I ran a workshop for Women Who Code Toronto all about assessing and understanding what your skills are worth and how to ask for it, whether you’re at a full-time job, freelancing or side gig. I also talked a bit about doing volunteer work.

I was in a sassy mood so I decided to channel my best friend in the head, Rihanna, and called the workshop #BBHMM: Asking For and Getting What You’re Worth.

Compensation is generally a taboo subject and doesn’t get discussed openly very often. This leaves a big question mark for those looking to negotiate a fair salary or set proper freelancer rates. So, I created a survey to collect salary information about Toronto tech workers to try to get some realistic information to discuss at the workshop.

The questions were meant to examine compensation based on a variety of factors such as job role, years of experience, type of company and other demographic information. This was my first time creating a survey (well since university but that was a looooong time ago) so in hindsight I could have added or worded some questions better but, oh well. Maybe next time.

***Note that there are not enough responses to make any statistically significant conclusions but I still think it’s a useful starting point.

The Survey

I ended up removing the demographic information and specific employer info from the final responses to be shared publicly. The survey was meant to be anonymous and because the sample size was small, the demographic information felt too identifying. There weren’t enough responses to allow for examination of patterns of compensation in relation to the demographic information so I decided it was best to leave it out.

I also lightly edited the job titles to make it consistent and easier to sort the data by job title. For example, if the person responded with “Jr. Front-end Developer,” I updated it to “Front-end Developer, Jr.”

I also restricted the data to Toronto and the GTA (greater Toronto area) because city and cost of living is a big factor in salary ranges.

View the survey here.
View the survey results here.

Anyway, I hope you find this info useful, even if there aren’t that many responses!

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