…it can lead to fulfillment!

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In a few days, I will turn 34 and I have been chasing happiness or better fulfillment for almost 10 years now. I chased happiness through various forms. I tried to become happier through:

  • Earning more money,

I tried to become happier pretty much through anything you can think of!

After 10 years, I realized that nothing really helped no matter how hard I tried and how well I followed the best practices to get more out of…

And improved my social skills.

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The background story

In November 2012, I got a promotion after 7 months of working in a digital marketing agency. I joined the agency 7 months prior to my promotion and I worked super hard to get familiar with my responsibilities and to get into a more senior role.

My role in the marketing agency was setting up and managing advertising campaigns on search engines and on social media networks. …


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When I decided to start taking care of my body and nourish myself, I was a busy bee and I still am, but I guess it is more important to mention how I was then as it was a start of a new journey for me.

I was working at a full-time marketing agency, I was leading a busy social life as I liked taking up various activities, meeting new people, and fill my life with experiences that I would remember.

However, as my health was taking a toll, I decided to start nourishing myself better which for me meant…

Christina Tsiripidou

Marketer by Profession. I got certified as a Health Coach in 2016 & I am attending an MSc in Clinical Nutrition. I love sharing food recipes & life wisdom :).

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