How to run GitHub Actions manually

This is a tutorial to show you how I setup a manual trigger for a GitHub actions workflow with Postman.

GitHub Action workflow file

First, I had to setup a new workflow file in myGitHub Action Workflow, which listens for the repository dispatch event:

name: manually re-running actionson: repository_dispatchjobs:
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Checkout master
uses: actions/checkout@v1
ref: master

GitHub Access Token

If you have 2FA setup for your GitHub Account, like me, you have to generate a personal access token in GitHub in order to send an event to the GitHub API for Authentication. You can do so in your profile settings / Developer Settings / Personal Access Token. If you would like to authenticate yourself differently, here is a link to the GitHub docs for authentication.

Create a repository dispatch event in Postman

Now that we have created our personal access token, we can open our Postman account and save our token in our environment variables.

Testing your GitHub API Connection

You can test your Github API Connections by running a Get request in Postman hitting this endpoint:

Setting up the real deal

Now we can set the environment variables and include the access token as a variable in order to authorize ourselves.


Et voilà!

Hit send and you will see your GitHub Action kicking off in your repo.

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