Fear: the underestimated power-force. Denied, suppressed and rejected.

It’s time to change the game

Christine Duerschner
6 min readOct 1, 2021


Picture Pexels by Jeremy Bishop
Picture Pexels by Jeremy Bishop

Today’s Modern Western Culture is based on the assumption that fear is bad. Fear is wrong and, of course, fear is not to be welcomed. Fear is to be denied, suppressed or rejected; so that people can live a delightful and happy life.

This is the mainstream approach towards fear. It has been so for thousands of years. This approach has brought us here, to this point in history, where systems are collapsing. We are facing global challenges of climate change, poverty, power games, war, and dysfunctional families. In fact, these are the norm, rather than exceptions.

These are the consequences of an ‘unconscious-fear‘ -based culture. When fear is suppressed, denied, and rejected within us, in our communications, in our interactions with people, in our decision-making processes, in our relationships, in all parts of our life, then fear is still in the driver’s seat. Down deep in the subconscious, fear keeps being there.

Operating as a hidden driver, fear is not known to the conscious anymore. Fear operates then like an emotion attached to a story, an assumption from the past, mainly created when we are young, about how bad, wrong, not useful, unprofessional, unpredictable, and inappropriate fear is.

These assumptions have been passed on from our parents, parental figures, and modern Western society. We simply adopted it, because nobody ever told us better.

We are running out of time.

The planet, our mother, is suffering. Our home is on fire.

We need to change.

Operating out of emotional fear and reactivity has different consequences than choosing to acting out of conscious fear. As with all other feelings, fear is a resource; a life-force, energy, designed to support life. It is not a design-error from evolution. It has a purpose. This purpose has been treated like an unloved and abandoned child for the last centuries. We all know what happens with a punished and unloved child. It gets angry and resentful for very good reason.

How emotions are functioning

The child creates emotions. Emotions come up again and again to the surface, seeking integration. Emotions are unresolved and uncompleted feelings, which were suppressed, denied, or rejected in a situation of stress, too much stress, that could not be handled at that time. They were kept away and are knocking on the door since then — again and again.

The same happens with fear when our parents or parental figures were hammering into us sentences like „You don’t need to be afraid, it’s not that bad!“or „Don’t be afraid, there is no need to be like this!“ or, you were in a situation where you were so afraid and you could not scream or let it out because you would have been probably punished for it.

In moments like this, we create decisions about fear. These decisions have nothing to do with the actual qualities and purpose of the fear itself. Decisions like: “Fear is bad because every time I feel fear, my parents tell me to make it go away or not having it.” or “It is too dangerous to feel fear!

These stories are related to the expected punishment of the parents. For example, being mean or emotionally unavailable. This causes a huge misunderstanding with severe consequences. These internal decisions about fear are the starting point to suppress, deny and reject the life-force that is fear.

Discovering conscious Fear

Conscious use of fear is still in the early stages of development. With a group of people, Possibility Managers all over the world, are researching, experimenting, and exploring the power and the purpose, and to use fear consciously.

What we can say so far is, that fear is a life-force which, when initiated and consciously used, is designed for activating our power of creation, the ability to tap and stay into the unknown, to navigate life without reason,to be aware and awake, to be present, to communicate with nature and other beings.

The ability to scan the surroundings for danger, so you can take action, optimizing processes, sensing energetic boundaries, to treat people with respect and awareness… The list goes on. If you want to learn more about conscious use of fear, join our next Fear Club, which is dedicated to shifting from using fear unconsciously and being afraid of fear, to using fear consciously as a natural resource.

As the group of researchers and experimenters grow, we discover more facets and nuances of fear as a conscious power, that fuels our life instead of blocking us from necessary resources. Find more on www.fearclub.mystrinkingly.com

My own experience with fear has radically shifted. As a newborn in the incubator, I pushed and banished my fear. I blocked my fear because it was too big. Too big for a newborn. An incubator is not the best place for a newborn — being alone without touch and skin contact for such a long time is physical, emotional, energetical, and mental punishment. Nowadays, we know more about how this affects the child. When I was born, children were just put in there and checked-on from time to time. From babies’ perspective, the incubator is a torture chamber.

The pain, the fear of being alone is so big, that I started to block it so that I would not feel it anymore. What belongs to us, to our Being, can never be rejected; but drifts into the subconscious.

Out of my decision to cut myself off from my fear to survive emotionally, I started to create stories about fear. I started to observe how people would be afraid about a lot of different things and I would adapt to these stories. I had a best friend in my childhood. She was afraid of everything. Noises, dark, animals, illnesses. I thought I was never really afraid. I learning from her how to be afraid. I learned what to do in the same situation.

As I had no conscious access to my fear, I started to question her fears. From today’s perspective, this did not help her, but it raised my ability to question the stories which were made out of unconsciously-used fear.

10 years ago, I started on my path of authentic adulthood initiation. I was 34 years old. During a process, my fear kicked back into my conscious awareness and I screamed like I never screamed before.

What a liberation! My body was full of fear and I was ok with it. I remember that after this huge burst I started to laugh. Joy was running through me. I had my fear back. Even I had no idea what to do with it, I felt glad. I felt alive.

I learned to lean into my fear. Using the information, that comes, when you ask the question: “Fear, what do you have for me?

Fear opens up the energetic field between things, beings, and other energetic fields.

Fear makes us sensitive and attentive to a degree to previously uínvisible and unbearable information.

When you lean into your fear, it starts to get hot. Yes, AND alive.

A proposal for an experiment

Take a chair, stand on it and move to the edge of the chair to that point when you almost fall. Keep your center, which means: Focus on your physical center of gravity, two fingers under the belly button into the body towards the spine. Spread your arms to the sides. Close your eyes and feel the sensations in your body. Feel the aliveness. Feel the fear running through your system.

If you want to take it to the next level, start speaking, start to say what you want to say. Be surprised what you will say. There is no plan, no agenda for this. Let the fear speak!

This is a really fun experiment. Go do it and write a comment on your experience and research.

Consciously discovering the use of fear opens up unknown possibilities. In the archetypal domain, we call this the Magician, which unfolds its potential in us through fear-craft. What about a global meeting of Magician? Every human Being has the capacity to tap the territory of fear. No exceptions. You have the choice of leaning into or leaning backwards. We have the choice to become magic and shift the destructive game we are playing into a winning-happening game. By reactivating our resource of fear, we would be one huge step closer to creating and shaping the future for our grandchildren and grand-grandchildren. They could live life by consciously owning their fear, connected to all beings, plants, and minerals. Sustainability would be a natural consequence of living consciously. What a great opportunity to participate in the co-creation of next culture.

See you in the next Fear Club. There are Fear Clubs happening all over the globe, which you can join. Find more information here: https://fearclub.mystrikingly.com/