Your Ponytail May (Or May Not) Land You a Million Dollars
Deema Tamimi

Why Ponies Matter

First: Hysterical!

Second: Not everyone (male or female) needs to wear their hair up. Only put it up if it’s distracting — don’t let it distract from or hide your facial expressions, or block eye contact. More importantly, put it back if it is possible you will play with it, brush it away, or blow it back during the meeting. (Nothing says “CEO” to an investor like fidgeting with your hair, earrings, etc.) You don’t want investors to pay attention to anything besides your pitch.

Third: Numerous research studies show that for women, playing with hair is a common “preening” gesture to demonstrate sexual interest. Or it’s a nervous twitch. Neither is positive CEO body language, nor are they signals you want to send during a pitch. I gently suggest that if your hair is out of your unconscious reach, then you eliminate the risk of sending some messages that hurt your chance at funding.

Finally: Deema, in my semi-pro (!) analysis, you can go either way with your hair, so the inconclusive response is not surprising. Your hairline is set high and back, so the curls are not distracting from your facial expression in a photo. (Caveat: It’s hard to tell from a still photo whether or not you twist a curl around your finger when you talk, but I bet you don’t.) You also have the gravitas necessary to be credible while being feminine…so enjoy!