Five Things Small Businesses Can Do to Keep Communicating

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I’ve seen many missed opportunities in the past few days — don’t add to the list by sending out useless information.

3. After you’ve identified why and where you can help helpful, start to create content ONLY addressing those issues. This includes internal content sent to employees or vendors. Since everyone is probably working from home, establishing a connection is more important than ever. As are face-to-face communications — even if just via video calls.

Do not do *something* just because it seems like you should. Doing or saying something off-the-mark during a time when people need reassurance can damage your brand.

5. Set up a feedback system. This is important for clients and customers as much as it is for your internal staff. If you haven’t already, set up an instant message platform, and invest in an online video conferencing system. We use Google Hangouts and Zoom, but there are several from which you can choose. Also, if you can, try to set up a method to chat with visitors on your website, for this, we use Olark’s free version and it’s perfect.



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