Urban Decay launches Vice Lipstick app

If you’re a fan of Urban Decay cosmetics, this is going to be a big day for you.

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You may have already gotten the hint when they debuted a SnapChat lens for a day, but that was just a little sneak peak.

The makeup brand debuted over 100 shades of lipstick from their Vice Lipstick collection. Yes, 100! That’s the cosmetic brand’s biggest launch ever. Each lipstick is encased in packaging that mimics a shotgun shell and will run you about $17.

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling a bold-lip vibe one day or a sheer-nude the other, this collection has something for everyone. “Whatever finish you’re feeling, we’ve got a Vice Lipstick to fit your mood”, the brand informs their followers on Instagram.

The range of the colors of this line are pretty wide and very pigmented. “Our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™ gives the formula its super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion”, the brand explains. The shades range from bold brights to dark-vampy shades, to neutrals. “Several shades were inspired by some of our other lip products (and even our Eyeshadows and Eye Pencils!),” they explain

The Vice line also consists of six different finishes:

Mega Matt: “a super-intense matte.”

Comfort Matte: “the line’s creamiest matte.”

Cream: the original: “a creamy, badass luxury.”

Metallized: “a cream with a high level of pearl.”

Sheer: “a punch of color with a sheer, shiny finish.”

Sheer Shummer: a “slightly transparent finish with floating pearl and a smooth texture”.

The lipsticks all contain “aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils” to keep lips soft. The “Illipe butter (derived from Malaysian illipe trees) provides long-lasting moisture. And Vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants.” All very important when wanting to show off these gorgeous shades on your kisser, especially the matte ones.

With all of these options, it can be a little overwhelming on which ones to purchase.

Before you freak out that you’ll have to spend hours at Sephora (which isn’t that bad) to suss through all these shades, Urban Decay has developed an app to help you find the shade for you.

Yes, there’s an app for that and it’s free!

The app for iPhone users helps you choose which shade and finish are best for your features without even having to leave your house. You don’t even have to get out of bed!

“Use the live mirror to try on every shade you’re into, and experiment with the ones that’ll break you out of your comfort zone”, Urban Decay explains. “This virtual experience lets you quickly test out tons of shades without having to apply, remove and reapply over and over. Just swipe to choose the shades you dig the most — you can even create an album with your top shades and share with friends to get their input.”

Once you’ve decided on what colors you’ve fallen in love with, you can buy them straight from your phone.

Urban Decay cosmetics is always on the cutting edge, or as they identify themselves as “beauty with an edge”. Almost every product the line debuts instantly becomes a cult classic. It’s no wonder Gwen Stefani joined forces with them in 2015 for her own line of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows.

For the Vice launch, the brand has teamed with Ruby Rose from “Orange is the New Black”. She’s their spokesperson for their #lipstickismyvice campaign. Their press release announcing the news back in March consisted of less than ten words and simply said “Ruby Rose. Urban Decay. Obviously.”

Check out the hashtag #lipstickismyvice on Instagram and Twitter to see how others are digging the new app and lipstick line. Then, try it for yourself!

Originally published at www.examiner.com on June 23, 2016.

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