How Christine Breese, Ph.D. Is Helping In Awakening Of Inner Self?

Founder of the Metaphysics University Christine Breese, Ph.D. has been creating waves by helping the students to awaken the inner consciousness. With years of experience and innovation, she has formulated own teaching methodologies to instill an expanded state of consciousness in people. The body might be gone, but the state of being remains. Her sessions are laced with deep meditations geared to discover the truth within the individual.

Instead of being directed by the cerebrum, the person should surrender to the inner truth as it always remains and never dies. Sense of awareness without the body is a beautiful feeling that imparts a unique sense of freedom from the materialistic world. Christine Breese, Ph.D. with her amazing scientific research in metaphysics is bringing smiles to the face of countless people. The key is to stop the mind from taking control of the body and let the inner conscience rule the roost.

After the session with the doctor, people realized that there is nothing in life to be afraid and dissatisfied of. She with her innovative approach is helping students from all across the world to undertake graduate, post graduate and PHD courses.

Educational programs conducted by her are accredited with AADP and AAMA organization. They are responsible for grading the alternative medical courses. Throughout the course, students are taught the process of self-healing and introspections. Accompanied by Spiritual awareness they radiate love and affection that are not emitted by the brain but directly from the heart. In fact, Dr Christian teaches us that happiness is not around us but within us.

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