An Interaction that can be Improved

I am so excited, I just moved into a house. After bustling in and out of dorms and apartments for the last four years, a house seems unbelievably awesome. This house was built in 1962, and all of electrical work was gutted in the 90’s when it was purchased by the current owners.

The current owners had their son do all the electrical wiring for the house because he could do it less expensively. Is their son an electrician? A electrical engineer perhaps? Maybe even a carpenter? No. Their son is a dentist who self-taught himself how to do electrical wiring. I’m not here to bash self-teaching, but some things should be done by a professional.

In our kitchen, the lights are all the way across the room by the oven. In the dark, we have to creep around the table and feel our way past sharp counter-tops to find the light switch. And when we finally get to the light switch, we have to make sure that we don’t hit the switch covered in duct tape. The rental manager wasn’t even sure what the switch did, but was certain that we shouldn’t touch it. The owner stopped by, they weren’t sure either but said, “Don’t touch it.”

How can this interaction be improved? They could put a cap on this switch so that it cannot be flipped by mistake. They could label it in braille or wall over it. They could take the switch out entirely and put one closer to a doorway.

My dearest roommate is one of those people who firmly believes that the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, and would like to flip the switch and see what happens. While I’m curious as well, I would like to make sure we have rental insurance first.