The Blind Hatred Of Hillary Clinton
Ahmed Baba

There was, from the start, an antipathy towards Hillary. Gender was most certainly an issue. Privilege, another issue. Her campaign was mismanaged, her voter base not heard. That being said, I admire Hillary and believe, as you do, the media, in its infinite lack of wisdom, pandered to the lowest in all of us and delivered what would bring in the ratings; sex and scandal in the name of Donald Trump. People tuned in (and turned on) to the greatest side show in US history, eager to see what sound bites would come out of the Great Orange Machine’s gob next — and the media pandered to that. Begone any pretext of honest, non-partisan, reporting; enter the era of buffoonery and salacious scandal. Core issues such as world peace? Hell no! We want “Golden showers in Russian hotels”. Is it any wonder that Hillary lost? America — You wanted a “Reality Show”. You got it. I am so very, very sorry.

Good piece, Ahmed. Thank you.