Fairy Boats and Magic Moments

There is nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of something nice. Whether it is a holiday, an outing, a birthday — our inner child rises to the occasion and we indulge in every moment. At least me and mine do. We still count down the number of sleeps left before the day.

We have enjoyed many holidays together and are fortunate that we still do. Apart from the Head of our Clan, none of us are morning people; if we must communicate at all it is done in surly grunts until the hour reaches double figures. Unless we are going on holiday and then three a.m. is the best time in the world. Good things have to be started early and enjoyed until the last possible second has arrived.

One such time, when the junior Clan members were seven, six and two, we journeyed to Wales to catch a ferry to Southern Ireland. My daughter called it the Fairy Boat and in the dark of a very early morning, with all the lights strung along the decks twinkling away, who could refute that it was indeed a Fairy Boat transporting us to a magical land.

Which indeed it did. That year had the hottest two weeks in August that Ireland or the UK had seen in centuries. We travelled all the way down to the Southern most tip close to the Mizen Head to a wonderful place called Barley Cove. Every day was glorious, we saw strange sights such as cows on the beach in the morning, we bathed in deep warm pools that emerged as if by magic as the cold Atlantic waters receded for the day. we saw seals swimming, if not positively frolicking, in joy.

We travelled to Blarney Castle where the Clan Head kissed the stone, not that he needs any additional help with talking and telling tall stories! It was perfect and we recall every moment with fondness and possibly with exaggeration. Who knows? When you are in that magical moment who cares how much you remember is real ?

Anticipation and excitement, even for the little things — for me that would be having a new book to read or a new notebook to write in — keeps the world shiny and glittery and full of fairy lights. Embrace the magic and pleasures in life, pull them out and polish the memories when the days are darker or harder.

Fairy Boats, real or imagined can transport you any time to any place you wish to go. Starting out when the day is young and waiting to be shaped is always a bonus!

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